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Please note that use or perusal of this website or transmittal of information to Taryn Zhang New York constitutes your implied consent and agreement to be bound by the terms set forth herein:


Taryn Zhang New York respects your privacy. Although we may collect personally-identifiable information from you, such as your name, e-mail address, IP address, or other information, we will not sell the information to third parties. Any information you disclose to Taryn Zhang New York will only be used solely by Taryn Zhang New York.

If you have provided your contact information, then Taryn Zhang may contact you from time to time about special offers, new items, recent changes, or any updates we reasonably believe you may be interested in, and which is related to the business mission of Taryn Zhang. We may also use your personally-identifiable information to respond to your inquiries, process your orders, administer accounts, or develop or manage our business and operations.

Through use of the Taryn Zhang website, you may receive cookies. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual's hard drive for record keeping purposes. Cookies are only sent back to the website that deposited them when a visitor returns to that site. Cookies make it easier for you by saving your preferences while you are at the Taryn Zhang website. Taryn Zhang New York never saves passwords, credit card information or other personal identifiable information in cookies. Most web browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can, however, reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. The writer of these terms is getting hungry from all the talk about cookies, even though she knows the cookies mentioned here have nothing to do with white chocolate chips or macademia nuts.

Please note that information over the internet is never absolutely secure, and evil third parties who, with neither Taryn Zhang New York's nor your consent, may attempt to collect information created during transactions involving Taryn Zhang and you. No warranties are made with regard to the security of the Taryn Zhang New York website. We are but a tiny blip of a company and cannot practicably fight such high-tech evil.


Taryn Zhang offers every item at a special discounted Pro Bono Price for eligible purchasers. The purpose for providing the Pro Bono Price is to encourage public service. In exchange for five (5) hours of community service to any non-profit organization or event of the purchaser’s choosing, verified by a signed Verification Form (will explain soon) submitted to Taryn Zhang, the purchaser may purchase Taryn Zhang items at the Pro Bono Price, which is a discount of about 20% off the List Price.

The Pro Bono Price is only offered through the Taryn Zhang website. The Pro Bono Price is only applicable if the purchaser places an order by PayPal, e-check, or credit card online through the Taryn Zhang website. For administrative efficiency, orders placed by any other means will not be eligible for the Pro Bono Price. Additionally, the Pro Bono Price is not applicable to purchases made elsewhere or by other means.

A valid Community Service Verification Form (“Form”) must be submitted with the purchase to entitle the purchaser to the Pro Bono Price. See each individual listing to determine the List Price and Pro Bono Price. Special deals or discounts may be applied to either the Pro Bono Price or the List Price, at the purchaser’s election and as applicable.

Eligibility for the Pro Bono Price is conditioned on the successful, complete, and valid upload of the Form with the purchase order. Both the purchaser and the signing agent on the Form grant Taryn Zhang the right to verify that the community service represented herein was completed.

The community service must be completed and the Form signed not more than one (1) year from the date of the purchase order. If either the date of service or the date the Form is signed is more than one (1) year from the date of the purchase order, the Form shall be rejected and the purchaser shall not be eligible for the Pro Bono Price. The Form will be deemed incomplete, as further explained herein.

If it is determined that the purchaser made misrepresentations, intentional or unintentional, on the Community Service Verification Form, or if the Form is incomplete, the purchaser shall be subject to the List Price. By signing below, the purchaser is giving Taryn Zhang the right to charge the purchaser’s credit card for the difference between the Pro Bono Price and the List Price in the event of misrepresentations. Misrepresentations will result in a charge of the full List Price to the purchaser’s credit card.

Eligibility for the Pro Bono Price will also be rejected if the Form is incomplete. If the Form is merely incomplete, then the purchaser will be given a reasonable but limited opportunity to correct the Form and return it to Taryn Zhang for the Pro Bono Price. Failure to do so will cause the purchaser to be liable for the List Price. At this time, the purchaser may ask for a full refund and return the product, with return shipping charges at the purchaser’s expense, or be charged for the full List Price. Please note that if purchaser’s Form is incomplete and/or not timely corrected, then the purchaser may return the product subject to Taryn Zhang’s Return Policies or the purchaser may consent to charge at the List Price. If, however, the Form is not valid due to misrepresentations, then the purchaser will be absolutely liable for the full List Price, no returns permitted. In other words, do not lie.

Taryn Zhang reserves the absolute right to reject any Form, with or without cause. By applying for Pro Bono Price eligibility, the purchaser is consenting to all terms and conditions as noted herein and on the Taryn Zhang website.

The Form must be submitted by the same means the purchaser order is submitted. If purchaser places the order online through the Taryn Zhang website, then the Form must be uploaded with the order. If the order is by facsimile, then the Form must be enclosed with the order by facsimile. A blank Form may be printed, signed by hand, and scanned back into the computer into a PDF file, or it may be completed electronically. Taryn Zhang accepts electronic signatures pursuant to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”), i.e., any “electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record,” shall be treated as lawful signatures.

Information collected on the Verification Form for Pro Bono Price eligibility will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes nor shall it be published at any time by Taryn Zhang. Although Taryn Zhang agrees to exercise reasonable care and diligence in maintaining confidentiality of information shared on the Form, the purchaser and signing agent of the community service event or organization shares or discloses information at their own risk.


As a small, boutique business, we cannot process orders quite as quickly as the larger companies. Every Taryn Zhang associate who may wind up packing and shipping your order has a full-time day job in a field completely unrelated to fashion, like finance or law. Thus, please allow us up to three weeks to prepare your item for delivery, and seven to ten business days for shipping. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A street mailing address is required for shipping; we do not ship to post office addresses.


Each Taryn Zhang handbag is hand-made. There may be minor discrepancies between bags and each bag is sold as-is.  If however there is a substantial quality issue with your bag, please contact a sales representative immediately and we will do what we can to reach a resolution with you. E-mail your concerns to [email protected].


We try our best to communicate the color of each handbag to you on our website. However we cannot control what you see on your computer monitor. If you have the opportunity to visit a boutique, we urge you to examine in person our handbags before purchasing. If you are ordering online, please keep in mind that the actual color of the bag may vary slightly from the color of its images on the website. Should you wish to inquire further and request more details on color, e-mail us at [email protected] and a sales representative will try to answer your questions.


Upon return, refund, or exchange, the handbag or accessory purchased must be in the exact same condition as it was in at the time of purchase. Damaged products may not be returned, refunded, or exchanged, unless the damage was the fault of or caused by the company. Returns and exchanges shall not be accepted unless there is a defect with the handbag or accessory.

Please note that if you falsified information on the Verification Form for Pro Bono Price eligibility, then no returns, refunds, or exchanges will be permitted, no exceptions. You will be charged for the item at its List Price. If, however, there was an honest mistake or the Form was merely incomplete, then Taryn Zhang will exercise reasonable measures to notify you and provide you with an opportunity to correct the Form. If for any reason the Form cannot be completed to Taryn Zhang's satisfaction, then you may either accept charge for the item at List Price or you may return the item, provided that the item is returned in the same exact condition as it was in at the time of purchase.

Custom orders or purchase of limited edition items may not be returned or refunded. Any and all custom orders will be marked “CUSTOM ORDER” on the confirmation notice, communications between Taryn Zhang representatives and the purchaser, and/or on the invoice or packaging slip. Custom orders are orders specifically tailored for the purchaser. In the event of defect, the purchaser may notify Taryn Zhang for correction or an exchange. All custom orders are otherwise final.

Any and all limited edition items will be expressly marked as such at the time of order, on the confirmation notice, and/or on the invoice or packaging slip. Limited edition items are products made by Taryn Zhang in limited quantities and offered for a limited period of time. In the event of defect, the purchaser may notify Taryn Zhang for an exchange. All limited edition item orders are otherwise final.

For returns, refunds, or exchanges, please send queries by electronic mail at [email protected]


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