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Briefcases & Handbags for the Corporate Professional
Taryn's Design Diary

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design theory

Inspirations come from neoclassical architecture, modernism, and the expression of urban landscapes through sharp geometric forms. Balance is a key component to every design, because the Taryn Zhang brand point of view is all about balance: balancing pretty with powerful, strength with fragility, eminence with modesty. Taryn Zhang integrates the corporate conservative culture, which has traditionally been masculine, with an assertively feminine grace and presence.

The Taryn Zhang brand embodies who women are and who women strive to be, with an emphasis on bold, balanced lines and silhouettes. In three words, Taryn Zhang designs are about ambition, fearlessness, and strength. Our woman is the most ambitious, most fearless, and strongest of women; she is an ambitionist, an executive, a precisionist, the catalyst, a peripatetic, and she is a workaholic, a woman who brings home her own bread.

The design of each handbag is inspired by one particular facet of the female spirit, one of her many life goals or hopes:

The Ambitionist "The Ambitionist" Ladies' Attache
The Ambitionist is the most determined and motivated of women, that woman who kind of intimidates us, and yet is impressive all the same. She talks and walks with purpose. She knows exactly where she is going in life, and it’s a place of wondrous achievement. Her goal isn’t fame or fortune; her goal is personal accomplishment.
                                      Executive "The Executive" Satchel Briefcase
The Executive is the woman in charge, the head of state, the one with final authority. Everyones goes to her for direction, because she is the one to rely on, the planner, the decision-maker, the troubleshooter. This is a woman with a talent for taking command. She is always alert and innovative. She is a woman of solutions.
The Precisionist "The Precisionist" Satchel
The Precisionist sees the parts and the whole simultaneously, able to understand the architecture of any construct, to identify each part of the whole and also the whole that is the sum of the parts. She iss perceptive--intuitive to new ideas. And receptive--able to grasp those new ideas quickly. The Precisionist woman is known by her peers for possessing refined taste, a woman with a keen eye for aesthetics. Beyond that, she is usually the most perspicacious one of her crowd, possessing a remarkable mind for theory
                                      Catalyst "The Catalyst" Ladies' Attache
The Catalyst is the woman who precipitates change. She is the activist, the organizer, team leader, the visionary who makes things happen. The Catalyst woman is the one who knows how to create positive synergy from a group of seemingly different and incompatible individuals or components. An inspiration, a role model, the spark that lights up the world, the Catalyst woman is the reason we have movements. She is, incredibly, a force of nature.
The Peripatetic "The Peripatetic" Weekender Tote
The Peripatetic knows too well that life is a journey. Inquisitive and adventurous, she wants to see, feel, and experience all the wonders of the world firsthand. She would never be satisfied with merely seeing it on television or in magazines. This is a woman who leads an active lifestyle, keyword leads. She is not a follower by any measure of the word. This is a woman who would spontaneously fly off alone to Milan for holiday and not tell a soul. She doesn’t fantasize about what her life could be; she lives it. Her world is vibrant, her spirit audacious. The Peripatetic woman is that gregarious, world-wise cosmopolitan whose soul is at rest only when her life is in movement
                                      Workaholic "The Workaholic" Shoulder Tote
The Workaholic woman is a woman of intelligence and drive. She wakes up bright and early to plan out her day, review her schedule, thinks about work while she eats, while she walks down the street, dreams about work while she sleeps, and for her, happiness comes when all is well at the office. She is that woman who is the first to be promoted, first in the office and last to leave. The Workaholic is a woman with both eyes on her career. She is a doer, not a dreamer. This is the woman, the ever so impressive woman who gets things done.

Taryn Zhang
                            New York

Taryn Zhang New York strives to send the professional world a feminist message: Today's woman will not be sitting around waiting for a male-dominated society to give her power; she will get up and take it herself. Today's woman defines herself. She defines intelligence. She defines leadership. And she defines for her what is beautiful and what is feminine.

That is the message our design theory strives to articulate.

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